ELVIS: THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL A Book By Best Selling Author: Frank R. D'Onofrio
ELVIS: THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL A Book By Best Selling Author: Frank R. D'Onofrio

Attention: Frank R. D'Onofrio's Newest Book  is Currently in Pre-Release


ELVIS: THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL Book 1: The Crowning of A King

Elvis Made it All Happen

With a Guitar and a Dream

July 8th, 1954

Memphis, TN 

DJ Dewey Phillips


Played Elvis' 1st Recording


"That's AllRight Mamma" 

To the largest listeing audience in

The Memphis area


That night Elvis

and that song changed

The Music Industry


Our Culture Forever 

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The New Book by Best Seling Author Frank R. D'Onofrio   Elvis: The King of Rock and Roll Book 1:  The Crowning of King 


The True Story About

Elvis: The King of Rock and Roll

Most people think they know the real story, About the undisputed King of Rock and Roll.


It was not as easy as everyone tells you


No one could have imagined the unbelievable results!


On July 5th, 1954, a poor Nineteen Year Old Truck Driver

His name was Elvis Presley


Elvis arrived at the Memphis Recording Services. to record a demo for owner and Record Producer Sam Phillips.


A King was about to be found


Before Elvis entered the music scene on July 5th, 1954 the music broadcast and sold to audiences was a musical desert.
The youth of the world longing for someone to deliver!

It is why John Lennon once said in an interview, "Before Elvis there was nothing."

Newly Released Elvis: The Kingof Rock and Roll Book 1: The Crowning of a King

By Frank D'Onofrio

Best Selling  Author  D'Onofrio is located in Conowingo, MD. Frank's recent work is a detailed discussion n of Why Elvis Presley is the King of Rock and Rol;l 

My new book was pre-released in August and plans to be published in September, and I am looking forward to my readers' response. Book 1: It is different from any other book written about Elvis.  Interested? Take a sneak preview now.